Joel Osteen Can Beat You Up

Reverend [Michael] Horton believes that Osteen tells only half the story of the Bible, focusing on the good news without talking about sin, suffering and redemption.

And Rev. Horton goes even further. He levels the harshest charge of all, calling the Osteen method of teaching heresy.

“It is certainly heresy, I believe, to say that God is our resource for getting our best life now,” Horton says.

“Because?” Pitts asks.

“Well, it makes religion about us instead of about God,” Horton explains.

But Osteen isn’t fazed at all by such criticisms. In fact, I think it is Horton who ought to be scared. The same articles concludes with:

You can see that same diligence in his workouts. Osteen can bench-press 300 lbs., which is twice his body weight. And on the basketball court, even in the simplest of pickup games, he is focused, determined and looking for help from above.

My own opinion is that while it is obvious Osteen has no business in the ministry and is only promoting a self-help humanism, it is difficult to view him as a bad guy. You really just can’t help but feel a mixture of sympathy and humor when Osteen speaks. He comes across a little dim-witted, to say the least. I’d always felt sorry for the cute little guy. He can’t really know what’s going on. Well, besides the money part.

But when I saw him bench 300 lbs., everything changed.

The world is a different place after you find out that Joel Osteen can beat you up.