Hilary on Sola Fide

My God is a Calvinist’s God, and so He sent me the newest edition of Pro Ecclesia yesterday. I’ve been reading a lot of Hilary of Poitiers lately, so I found one of the articles on Hilary (by D H Williams no less!) to be quite providential. The topic was Hilary’s commentary on the gospel of Matthew and the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Here’s the relevant quote:

“Because faith alone justifies… publicans and prostitutes will be first in the kingdom of heaven.”

~Hilary of Poitier’s Commentary on Matt. 21:15

At first I thought Williams was adding the “alone” part, but when I got to this quote from Hilary I saw that he wasn’t. While this still doesn’t answer all the questions of “imputation” vs. “infusion,” it does deep-six the RC apologists who oh-so love to say that Luther “invented” the alone part of justification by faith alone.

Patristic studies are so hot right now.