Synod Wars

325- The Great Council of Nicaea- Arius is condemned and homoousios is put into the creed.
335- The Synod of Tyre- Athanasius is first condemned.
335- The Synod of Jerusalem- The first of the “Arian” councils. The synod asks for Arius to be reinstated to Christian communion.
339- Synod of Antioch- Athanasius is again condemned.
340- Synod of Rome- Athanasius is restored and proclaimed to retain Episcopal authority.
341- Synod of Antioch- Anti-Nicenes react and draft a new creed, the “Dedication Creed.”
343- General Council of Serdica- Failed attempt at reconciliation between Pro-Nicenes and Anti-Nicenes.
347- Council of Milan- Valens and Ursacius are restored to their sees.
351- 1st Synod of Sirmium- Adopts “Dedication Creed.”
353- Synod of Rome- Athanasius is again restored to his see.
353- Synod of Arles- Athanasius is again condemned.
355- Synod of Milan- Athanasius and his supporters are again condemned and banished.
356- Council of Beziers- Hilary of Poiters is exiled for his excommunication of Saturninus, Valens, and Ursacius.
357- Council of Sirmium- The “Blasphemy” is first written.
358- Synod of Ancrya- Homoiousians reject Anomeanism.
359- Council of Sirmium- Dated Creed written.
359- Council of Seleucia- Homoeans adopt Dated Creed.
360- Council of Arminium- Western Bishops reject Dated Creed, but their later delegates are later persuaded to adopt the conclusion of Seleucia.
360- Council of Constantinople- With Constantius presiding, the conclusion of Seleucia is adopted as the official creed of the Roman Empire.

360- Synod of Paris- Lead by Hilary of Poitiers, the Western Bishops condemn Homoeanism and vindicate Athanasius.
362- Synod of Alexandria- Lead by Athanasius, the Egyptian Church condemns Homoeanism and confesses again the homoousios.

381- Ecumenical Council of Constantinople- Under the new imperial leadership of Theodosius, Nicaea is reaffirmed and the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed is composed. Homoousious is finally vindicated once and for all.

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