Fashion Police at Dort

George Abbot, the Archbishop of Canterbury, writing to Sir Dudley Carleton regarding the British delegates to the Synod of Dort, states:

We understand here that Mr Balcanquall doth not go here in his apparrell like a grave divine, but in his double double ruffes and his cloake lined thorough with velvett. I heare that it is not well taken where he is, and I am certaine that if his Majesty did take notice thereof he would be very much offended. It were good that some insinuation were fairely made unto him that this may be redressed and the scandall removed.

~ from Anthony Milton The British Delegation and the Synod of Dort pg. 183

Carleton replies:

Our English Divines have from the first time of Mr Ballcanqualls arrivall their admitted him to their [sic] consultations; and now they joine likewise in suffrage, and in the distribution of the diverse parts of the business; as those who all make but one colledge. I do not finde by what I heare from Dort, or that I observed here that Mr Balcanquall doth give any just subject for the report which is raysed of his undecencie of apparell; but that on the contrary in all respects he gives much satisfaction. (186)

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Police at Dort

  1. “… in all respects he gives much satisfaction.”

    Some have said the same in regard to my double double ruffes – but you know … nobody ever wrote a letter about me : )

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