Babette’s Chiasm

Babette’s Feast is a delightful movie. The central message is that God is good and we know he is good because his creation is good. It’s a beautiful picture of the gospel. Here’s a short outline I drew up.

A. Introduction: The Church does well with the leadership of its pastor.

  B. Lowenhielm is sent to the village, where he falls in love with Martina. He departs in   sadness and failure.

    C. Papin visits the village, where he is struck by Phillipa’s singing ability.   He departs in sadness and failure.

      D. The pastor dies and conflicts arise within the church.

    C’ Papin sends Babette to the village.

  B’ Lowenhielm returns to the village for the feast.

A’ Babette’s cooking and Lowenhielm’s sermon resolve the conflicts and bring joy to the village.