Operations and Esse

You know, the only way that we even know that God is Trinity is because He sent his Son to die for us. The only way we can learn theology proper is to study Christology, which is a form of soteriology (and eschatology).

This is why the “Western” paradigm strikes me as superior. We confess that God is infinite, incomprehensible, and beyond being. Very few deny this (If they do we call them freaks and make wood-carvings with Aristotle leading them to the third circle of Hell).  However, we also confess that God can truly reveal Himself (which is to say the same thing as His essence since there is no difference between God and God-ness) to his creation and that he does precisely this in the act of redemption. God is love, and the greatest love possible is to die for someone else.

We know love because of what God did.

We know God because of Jesus.