More Temple Audio

My third Sunday School is online now.  The series is as much about the temple as “heaven,” but that was the secret point all along.  I think this installment has the most stuff all in one place, though I may have said one or two things that are a bit off.  I always catch stuff after it is enshrined for all the world to see.  Oh well.



Good Reason to Wear a Stole

Of Josephus’ description of the High Priest’s garments, Crispin Fletcher-Louis asks, “Why is the sash likened to a serpent and does this have anything to do with the Leviathan?”

A little later he writes, “[T]here should be no doubt that the high priest wears a vanquished Leviathan: the sash hanging at his side evokes the image of the limp and defeated serpent in the hand of its conqueror.”