Me on the Radio

Through an interesting occurrence of theo-blog networking providence, I have been interviewed by Paul Butler of Moody Radio and will appear on his radio show this Monday at 4:20pm.

If you live in the Jackson area, you can hear me on 89.1 FM.  For anyone else who might be interested, you can check the Moody Radio website for station listings.  The station finder is on the left-hand sidebar on the front page.

The topic of the interview was cynicism, an interest sparked from my earlier open-ended question, of which I didn’t quite give an answer here.  My answer, in part of course (there’s never enough time!), will be given on the show.

I am very excited to be a participant in the show, but I will only occupy a brief portion of the show.  There are two other participants in the discussion, and I should say that I do not know them.  I’m sure they will be great, but I know how all you Presbyterians are out there.  Each person was interviewed separately, and I did not get a chance to interact with the other participants.  I’m also quite confident that Paul will edit out all the crazy stuff I said.

Still More Zachman

Just today I received the Zachman book on Calvin and RC, but I also happened to order this one as well and have read it first.

It is invaluable.  With essays on the failed Council of Florence, the integrity of Melanchthon, the catholicity of Calvin, and perhaps the most valuabe, the Reformed and Evangelical Irenics: Pareus, Drury, Calixtus, etc.

This is where it’s at.  You must all get this book and read it posthaste.