2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Is Bigger Than We Think

  1. Thanks for the post Steven. I found it encouraging and thought provoking. What you say about sidewalk counseling could also be applied to certain types of evangelism. Our basic duties are ignored so we can go win the lost. It is odd the focus on grass roots, when historically great change has come from the men up top. Also the emphasis on marriage, family, children, community, etc. is wonderful. But like you say it is hard work. It all sounds romantic until you actually have to raise children, lead a wife, live in a tight body with other believers, and interact in the local community with a bunch of pagans. I found that putting the vision you write about before the people is easy. Getting them to buy into it over years is hard. Sacrifice sounds great until you actually have to die. But there is no other pathway to real, abiding change.

    Thanks for hitting on individual liberty as the root source of so many problems in America.That theme has come up in several of your posts at various places and has been helpful. It is the foundation on which American politics, both conservative and liberal, is built. It unifies them and may explain why both trains end at the same station. May the Lord bless you as you lead his people in worship. With Grace, Peter Jones, Pastor Christ Church of Morgantown

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